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Well, Costume-Con 30 is over, and it was amazing! We had over 350 members, who all seemed to be busy almost all of the time. There were several tracks of programming to cover almost every aspect of costuming, and more workshops than ever before. (I only wish I had been able to attend more of them!) Our ConSuite provided us with a wide variety of food and drink, sponsored by several different groups, so we were never bored. And I can't say enough about the masquerades!!

I really need to thank the SWCG for sponsoring the con, and CASFS, Wonderflex, Dharma Trading, and Beads Galore for all of their support. SAS Fabrics sponsored the CC Runway show by providing a generous allowance for fabric, and Grand Canyon University allowed the entrants to use their costume workshop for 2 days of sewing. The Trimbles and Lance Ikegawa were awesome additions to the program, and their retrospectives were inspiring!

The hotel was pretty much ideal, and they loved having us there -- they treated us well, and hoped that we would return. Who knows? (But not too soon, please?) For those of us who found the pool and hot tubs, there was relaxation to be had in the lovely Arizona sun or under the moon. I had a wonderful time, and I hope you did, too.

Thanks for coming, and I look forward to seeing you all next year in Denver, where I will NOT be Your Comfy Chair

Elaine Mami
Your Comfy Chair